Sunday, August 22, 2010

IT IS the climb.


mountain is depicted as the difficulties and trials.

I can almost see it,
that dream im dreaming, but,
there's a voice inside my head saying:
"you'll never reach it".

every step im taking,
every move i make,
feels lost with no direction,
my faith is shaking.

but i,
i gotta keep trying,
gotta keep my head held high.

there's always gonna be another mountain,
im always gonna wanna make it move,
there's always gonna be an uphill battle,
sometimes im gonna have to lose,

ain't about how fast i get there,
ain't about what's waiting on the other side,


walking through our way of reaching success and joyful life, we shouldn't ever forget that triumph and miseries are always following behind giving false worldview: an understanding of real life. a slight mistake is disastrous. But these impostors are meant no harm. even more, they represent our dependency and helplessness. thus have supports from what's on our left, right and ultimately ABOVE us. be strong and continue walking until you see what you are expecting from your journey.

shall we, then, be among the righteous.

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