Sunday, February 14, 2010

im so pissed off shi*a**!

salam. im posting this entry with the maximum threshold of my anger and agony deep inside.

Some people just don't have the sense of empathy and sympathy towards others. they don't get it when dealing with other's feeling. all they've ever wanted is the fulfillment of self-satisfaction. do they ever noticed when others aren't contented??? aku sangat marah bila ade org cani. bile ade makhluk yg sgt selfish and self-centered ni mbuatkan aku rase nak belasah and terajang dorg. pukol sampai lembik! (this is me. i can be real nice at times.)

this is what really happened to me basically. aku malasla nak reveal sape2. to other people yg rase cam diri mereka ade sifat cani, tolongla keep good tabs on people around you. don't make others feel irritated by your actions.

now im a bit relieved.


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